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We all know what it means to be able to spend time in our peaceful and beloved gardens; it’s our escape and it’s a hobby that is loved by millions of people around the world. Whether you’re a part time botanist or a full time collector of rare and special   Read More ...

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Paphiopedilum, which is also commonly known as Hardy Lady Slippers, is a kind of the genus of incredibly famous orchids that also possess the pouch-like the lips (that usually resemble like the slipper of a lady. These are the orchids that usually originate in tropical forests of the Asia or   Read More ...

As an avid botanist we all know how great a feeling it is to be able to nurture and care for your own garden and of course grow your collection of rare and stunning graden orchids. Orchids have fascinated man since the dawn of time and today we’re going to   Read More ...

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Garden Orchids Orchids have a reputation of being a difficult plant to raise successfully, especially when it comes to overwintering them. It’s such a shame to lose a batch of garden orchids that you’ve painstakingly planted and cared for over a summer, but with Cypripedium Calceolus, you won’t have to   Read More ...

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As a home owner you’ll know how high maintenance your home can be at the best of times; but at the same time it’s a work of art and love that you have dedicated years of your life too. It’s a work in progress as they say and it’s always   Read More ...

If you are planning to design your garden, then there are two special philosophies regarding how to execute it. But these philosophies can really be measured art. It is when one imagines their finished garden in their mentality. They can observe where they will put fountains, statues and plants. They   Read More ...

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