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Flowers can make someone smile; cheer someone’s day up, bring joy to those that are feeling down, bring life to weddings, you name it flowers fit most occasions. Gone are the days when we had to pop down to the local flower shop or buy from a road side vendor.   Read More ...

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There are few joys in life like having a stunning garden to work in; as a home owner or perhaps even a renter you’ll know that some good well deserved downtime is often spent in the garden, it’s peaceful, relaxing and of course outdoors! Depending on the type of garden   Read More ...

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As a homeowner you’ll know how rewarding it is when we’re constantly updating and renovating our homes; we all have our own choices and tastes and this can range from having an indoor swimming pool to perhaps having an outdoor pond. Having an outdoor pond is an absolute joy, we   Read More ...

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