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We live in a world where technology has become part of our everyday lives; to some it may seem life has become more complex with the introduction of various technology but to others who utilise other ‘disruptive’ services it has in many ways helped with daily costs and of course   Read More ...

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Keeping your lawn tamed can be a difficult task, but is important for many reasons. Not only can long grass be unsightly, it can also be a welcome invitation to bugs, snakes, and other creatures who can hide in your jungle-status yard and put you and your family at risk   Read More ...


Trees are a vital part of our lives, providing oxygen for us to breathe and a way to fuel fires for cold nights. Sometimes, things happen and the trees in our residential yards or even in the yards at our business can fall or be in the way.   What   Read More ...


As an avid gardener you’ll know how relaxing it is to spend hours in your gardening; either just sitting back and enjoying your work with friends and family or perhaps the hours that you spend making your garden absolutely perfect for these amazing summer months. From all of your time   Read More ...

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Chris James Landscaping is a full-service landscape, design and construction, irrigation and maintenance service for residential, commercial and condominium clients. Chris James has been in New Jersey landscape design and maintenance since 1978.   Whether you are looking to spruce up your existing area, or you are starting with a   Read More ...

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