OrchidAs an avid botanist we all know how great a feeling it is to be able to nurture and care for your own garden and of course grow your collection of rare and stunning graden orchids. Orchids have fascinated man since the dawn of time and today we’re going to look at a particular species of the orchid family.

Cypripedium calceolus is very much widespread as well as it is becoming the latest trend of entire population that is known to be stable. On the other hand, a few subpopulations in different parts of their range are known to be quite much declining because of different kind of the threats particularly or in specific the collection by different kind of the enthusiasts, on the other hand most of these are also known are also quite much stable or also it is even increasing in various parts because of the conservation measures which also are now perfectly implemented.


Cypripedium Calceolus

On the other hand, neither the geographic array of species as well as nor the size of populations that usually fall within thresholds for every such kind of the threatened kind of the categories as well as the recent or the current threats for species as well as the habitats are also doubtful to create different set of the populations that will also decline quickly in close near future. At the same time, the halt available in the declines is mainly because of the fact about the current conservation as well as protection measures in the place as well as the rate of the decline will be highly quite severe that such kind of the measures to also get stopped. It is the orchid is hence assessed as the Least Concern.

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