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Using jovial and brightly colored annual pots not only accentuates a look of a patio or deck but also gives it a welcoming look. Fragrant roses or climbing bloomers of various colors is a must for all window boxes. A must have in city streets, verandas or along rooftops where space is an issue are container gardens as they give a look of a natural sanctuary. When planing your pot plant garden always make sure you keep the plants together in order to give them a natural look and feel.

Look for harmonizing and various colors, of different quality and heights. Having many varieties of plants when renovating outdoor spaces helps create a beautiful visual effect.When selecting your outdoor plants also make sure that your plants bloom in different seasons so there will always be color in the spaces you are using.

There are many ways to experiment and preserve with container gardening. Using recycled porcelain bowls or other containers not only reduce your carbon footprint also offers a rustic and charming view on container gardening.

Container gardening allows one to view their favorite hue from almost anywhere in the space it’s planted. Plants arranged on staircases would have a very welcoming effect on visitors if used in the front part of the home. When plants are arranged well they conjure an inviting, cozy and warm feel to any space or home. Read on for more tips on maximizing space with container gardening, positioning pots in the proper combination is a big must.

Huge homes with stunning front doors and plenty of space, tend to look better with randomly arranged flower pots to either end of the front door then having two pots of the same size place alongside each other at the entrance of the door. When pots are arranged in odd numbers rather than even numbers they have more of an aesthetic appeal. A pot placed on its own in the rights spot looks great. Two pots placed together don’t have the same appeal at one pot on its own. Odd numbers always tend to recreate beauty and draw more attention than even. Odd numbers tend to be not only beautiful but mystical in effect when designing a container garden.

When thinking of a container gardening one needs to very creative in the layout of the pots, plants and the use of the space and light in order to get the perfect look. This can be achieved with some research and the right choice of pots and plants.

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