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Paphiopedilum, which is also commonly known as Hardy Lady Slippers, is a kind of the genus of incredibly famous orchids that also possess the pouch-like the lips (that usually resemble like the slipper of a lady. These are the orchids that usually originate in tropical forests of the Asia or   Read More ...

As the cost of living goes up – from food to fuel, electricity to rent – it’s important to learn how to get creative with providing for yourself to help stretch your hard-earned cash. One of the most fulfilling ways of doing this is learning how to grow your own   Read More ...

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Having a colorful garden in our backyard is something I have envisioned from the moment we have moved in the house we can finally call our own. I have had so many attempts at growing roses. Since I never had any experience on growing flowers, I was amazed that there   Read More ...

Just three days ago, a new and exciting product has shown up on Indiegogo. GrowSmart Oasis by EcosPure is a product that can make your garden or potted plants bigger and even more beautiful! They are offering a product that will get plants to grow faster and bigger while being   Read More ...

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