vikingNative to eastern North America, Aronia Melanocarpa, more commonly known as the chokeberry, is a pretty little shrub with a very distinct and flavourful fruit. A Chokeberry shrub is filled with small dark purple berries that are incredibly rich in anti-oxidants that cleanse free-radicals from your system.

The chokeberry is common in European gardens, especially in the east, it blooms toward the end of the summer season. Chokeberry tastes a little bitter, some may call it an acquired taste, however, if you are a fan of berries then you should find it delicious. Choke berry is a common ingredient in preserves, added as a light flavorant in wine and baked with as well. Chokeberry is a very hardy plant and grows easily in most climates and environmental conditions.

Chokeberry is also known as the ‘Viking’ berry, its foliage is most evergreen year-round reaching a height of around five to eight inches. The shrub is generally drought resistant, bit if you are growing one in your garden, then it is best to use plenty of rich, mild to alkaline soil and keep it watered and the soil damp.

Make sure the shrub gets plenty of sunlight and beware of birds that love to feast on the berries, they are also a magnet for aphids, so make sure you take good care of the plant.



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