Flower Garden
If you just want to look your yard attractive and beautiful, the best option is to plant perennials, perennials are nothing but weeds that looks good and have flowers throughout the year. Climate plays a major role in gardening and its better you do a quick research in the web to get a brief idea about the plants that grow specifically in your area. While gardening with perennials the significant advantage is that you need to plant the flower plants only once in the initial stage and thereupon the flowers take care of themselves. The only drawback to perennial garden is that you don’t have any product to show for it. When it comes to choosing a perfect garden, flower could be a good option though.

Vegetable Garden
Vegetable garden is an excellent option but it expects you to give in more of your time and toil in comparison to flower gardening we discussed above. The plus point is obviously its very promising and rewarding. You can start you vegetable garden any time during the year and you, in a way ensure that you get the products round the year without a barren stage. The good advice is you should be able to add up more types of veggies to the list of plants in your garden and you finally aim to expand the garden with more verities. You can do crop rotation so you can get all verities of vegetables throughout the year. You must remember a straight rule in this regard that you shall not wait till the season gets over for replanting the veggies ,but on the other hand you shall also start planting new plants well before the complete death of your vegetables .

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