In selecting eco-friendly patio furniture, is it enough that it is FSC certified? Should we be sticking with local materials or choosing garden furniture created from salvaged or recycled materials?

Could it be more sustainable to on furniture in your garden made out of local materials, or patio and furniture for your garden produced from salvaged wood?

Best part about teak is that it ages elegantly over quite a long time having a soft silver grey without having to oil, wax or varnish. Sustainable furniture to your garden choices is usually a minefield nevertheless there is nobody right answer. Listed below are simple tips to be aware of when picking out your decisions…1. Buy furniture to your garden created from locally produced wood

There isn’t any excuse for purchasing teak furniture (even whether it is sustainably forested) when a great deal environmental damage is fully gone shipping it halfway around the world. Choose English Oak from local managed woodland, or you must have teak, choose furniture made out of salvaged or recycled wood

2. Buy recycled garden furniture, or furniture in your garden that is made from reclaimed materials

Furniture made of recycled or reclaimed materials is clearly essentially the most sustainable option. Garden Boutique use a wonderful array of stylish recycled metal furniture for a garden and wooden furniture made from reclaimed wood. These materials will be in circulation so work with a limited impact on the earth.

3. Avoid oil based paints and stains.

Choose wood that’s ideal for use outdoors unattended by way of example oak, sweet chestnut, larch, western red cedar or douglas fir. In the event you must colour your wood, choose water-based products to ensure that any wooden furniture might be recycled or composted after its useful life.

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