The beautiful pergola toward the front door has been reinforcing bars at the top, so that climbers can eventually form a roof. I like the idea and the idea of ??being able to go in a “tunnel” of beautiful roses and lovely scent.
“Grass” around the tiles are pedaling ferns (Leptin Ella) covering great.
Step Ferns or Leptin Ella in Denmark is also known as Cotula. It is a good and very popular ground cover plants or joint planting between stepping stones or in stone border. It has very little green fronds and low carpet-forming growth and travels frequently with runners. Step Ferns are evergreen and the flowers are small and uanseelige spring, winter Cover with good results. There are several species of these, including: – Leptin Ella (Cotula) dioica reptans (small, slightly coarser green fronds and green / yellow flowers in spring) – Leptin Ella (Cotula) potentillina (small silver green fronds and green / yellow flowers in spring) – Leptin Ella (Cotula) squalida (small reddish fronds with bright green shoots in the spring) – Leptin Ella (Cotula) minima (healthy, frugal and easy to maintain) The plant is frugal and thrive in all locations, both in sun and shade. It can withstand both drought and fugtighed and thrive in both clay soil, calcareous soil, dry and sandy soil, moist soil, ordinary garden soil. It should be planted in spring or autumn, later than the beginning of October. It should be planted between 6-10 plants per. m2. A beautiful green color provides a flot uniform surface. It is widely used in Japanese gardens, including in Legoland as “lawn”
Beautiful sculpture overlooking the Svendborg Sund.
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