dog1Gardens are perfect places for dogs to roam free and enjoy themselves.  If you have recently got cockapoo puppies or some other breed, you will know this only too well.  Being able to run around with all the different sights, sounds, textures and fresh air are great for their fitness and health in general.  Dogs though can be a menace to gardens – urinating to mark their territory, escaping or just digging those prized begonias.  gardens can also be dangerous for dogs – whether it is toxic plants, rusty pieces of metal and other things that your dog can cut themselves on or that they can escape easily and injure themselves outside of your garden.

This is why it is crucial that you take the right measures to dog-proof your garden so that you protect your canine buddy and your garden too.

Protection For Beds

If your dog has a habit of lying in your flowerbeds, you can protect them by inserting some short wooden stakes into the soil at various places.  This will make it uncomfortable for him or her to settle and they will look elsewhere to make a bed in the sun.

Make Use Of Thorny Branches

Dogs will explore all areas of your garden if you let them.  Therefore, if you have freshly seeded or mulched beds or have recently invested in some fresh soil, you will want to keep them out of those areas.  You can do this by inserting thorny branches in the ground around the areas you want to protect.  The chance of their skin being pricked will be enough to put them off trampling and digging where they shouldn’t.

Create An Area For Them

Another way to deter your dog from digging wherever they want to in your garden is by creating a space specially designed for them.  Dig a large, but fairly shallow hole in an unused area of your garden and then fill it up with sand.  Take some of his or her favourite toys and place them in the sand to encourage them to use this area to dig until their heart’s content.

Build A Secure Fence

If you are worried about your dog escaping from your garden and running amok around your neighbourhood, causing trouble for other people and possibly running the risk of injuring themselves; you need to secure your garden properly.  A fence is an essential tool for doing this, but you need to make it high enough.  Many dog owners make the mistake of having only a short fence, but as dogs can jump very high, you need to ensure that the fence is at least 6ft high.  As dogs can also dig under fences, you need to secure the fence at the base to prevent them escaping this way too.

Beware Of Poisonous Plants

While it is understandable that you want your garden to be full of pretty and colourful plants and flowers; you need to be aware that some can be toxic to dogs.  Therefore, when choosing the plants and flowers for your garden, always research whether or not they are safe for animals.


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