gardenPeople everywhere take pride in stepping out of their homes to see blossoming and fragrant flowers. However, some plants tend to have an issue growing if they aren’t exposed to enough sunlight.


This article will give you some information on why plants need sunlight, five plants that don’t need much light to grow, and how Presidential Properties can help you plant them in your garden today!



You’ve probably learned the basics of photosynthesis in science class, so here is a refresher. Plants make their own food during the photosynthesis process. While sunlight isn’t an ingredient of their food, plants harness the power of the sun to power the process of photosynthesis.


In short, without access to the sun, plants cannot have the energy to make food that will keep them healthy and growing. But if you have a garden that doesn’t have much access to sunlight, there is hope.



While sunlight is still somewhat needed for these plants to grow, they don’t rely on the sun as much as others. Here are five plants that can survive on minimal sunlight:


  • Impatiens: Better known as touch-me-nots, these beautiful flowers have nearly one thousand available species. Don’t let the name scare you. Touch-me-nots were named as such because the flower contains seed pods that burst open when they are touched. The flower is one of the most shade tolerant.
  • Dogwood flowers: Many varieties of this beautiful flower don’t need sun to grow at all. At best, the flowers will tolerate partial and full shade. It is best known as the white flower that pops up in spring, but it also has a reddish-purple color in the fall.
  • Burning Hearts: These heart-shaped flowers will bring the love to your garden and stand out without needing a ton of sunlight to grow. With an exotic flare, these perennial shade plants are best for low-light garden bed and bloom throughout the spring and into early summer.
  • Lady Ferns: Although you probably don’t have a completely shaded garden, Lady Ferns can grow in total and complete darkness. This shade plant begins as a light green and gets darker as it ages.
  • Hydrangeas: In need of only a few hours of sun, Hydrangeas bloom in the spring and summer. There are about 70 to 75 species of the plant.







Presidential Properties, based in Ottawa, Canada, can help you plant and manage flowers that don’t need a ton of sunlight to grow. The company also specializes in lawn mowing, landscaping, renovations, snow removal, window cleaning, aeration, and driveway sealing.


The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all of its services, and offers quality law care and landscaping services at competitive prices. For more information, or to get your free quote today, visit Presidential Properties online or why not check out their feature packed blog here.  You can fill out a contact or quote form or call 877-407-0407 for assistance. Or why not connect with them on Facebook.

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