image1logoNothing provides a sense of comfort and a daily dose of relaxation quite like a garden, even if it’s one that only produces vegetables. There’s a satisfying sense of accomplishment when you work the earth with your hands, discarding the weeds and making room for sustainable life. Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but provide much-needed food for the insects that make our world go ‘round. If you’re not at one with the earth when you garden, it’s time for something new in your life.

When choosing what type of garden to install, the first questions should be whether you want flowers, shrubs, vegetables or a mixture of everything together. Ground cover plants are not only beautiful to look at, but easy to plant and maintain through a variety of seasons. They can help fix a number of landscape problems that might plague your yard like eroding soil, and can be used in both dry, humid conditions throughout the spring and summer to the wet, dense atmosphere of the cooler months. Choosing the right type of ground cover plants for your yard depends heavily on the climate, so make sure you do your homework before purchasing these beautiful additions to your garden.

If ground cover plants aren’t your ultimate gardening goal, try a variety of garden plants to get you started. These can come in the form of flowers, shrubs or vegetable plants and, just like ground cover plants, rely on climate to dictate their growing seasons and patterns. Plants can be used as shade in the summer and facilitate a cool breeze when situated correctly, all while providing food and oxygen for the life around them. If you love butterflies and want to attract these fluttering beauties, plant flowers that attract them like roses, echinaceas or coneflowers for a blossoming pop of bright splashed across the landscape.

image2It can be difficult to choose the right type of garden for your home, especially if you’re new to the landscaping process. Greenwood Nursery is your one-stop shop for not only the best plants and shrubs available, but loads of great information on seasonal flowers, collections that are best used to attract or repel animals and even the best flowers to put graveside. They’ll show you the best plants to have if you own pets and can even provide information on plants that don’t produce pollen, a must-have for seasonal allergy sufferers.

Discounts and deals are what to expect from Greenwood Nursery, as they provide the best prices on all plants, guaranteed. They also sell sweetly scented candles for when you can’t bring the outside in with you, a welcome treat for any indoor space. Pick up a plant or two, then grab a gift certificate for your friend so they can try out the nursery for themselves; it’s a great way to show you care. Weekly specials, a free newsletter and exclusive members-only savings when you sign up – what a great way to save on the plants you love!



If you’re looking for one of the best online nurseries then please visit  you can read more about them here. If social media is your thing then pop on over to their Facebook or Twitter pages.












We’ll leave you with some great advice from Greenwood Nurseries.


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