leaf1Leaf blowers are essential in yard maintenance, especially during the fall. Not only does leaving a ton of leaves scattered around your lawn give it less of a nice appearance, it can also block sunlight from giving your grass the light it needs to grow and can prevent water evaporation, leaving your lawn brown and watery.


Leaf blowers do a great job of moving these leaves without the time (and back pain) associated with raking. Here is some information about the types of leaf blowers available on the market, as well as how to buy the best battery powered leaf blower that meets your needs:



There are three main types of leaf blowers: gas powered; corded electric; and battery powered, cordless leaf blowers.


Gas powered leaf blowers are, you guessed it, powered with gas. These leaf blowers are typically heavier and louder than the others. You also will have to remember to keep a supply of gas for the blower, or else you’ll have to stop blowing the leaves off of your lawn to head to the gas station to refuel.


Corded electric leaf blowers plug directly into a power source. While these leaf blowers are typically light and easy to store, you would be limited if you bought one of these. The cords on corded electric leaf blowers only go so far without an extension cord. If you do opt to use an extension cord, it will often get in the way and can also be a tripping hazard for yourself or others in the home.


Lastly, battery powered leaf blowers typically use a rechargeable battery. They weight of these can vary, but they are easy to store. To charge, you simply have to plug the battery charger into an outlet and leave it to charge until you’re ready to clean up your lawn.



Be sure to look at a battery powered leaf blower’s miles per hour, cubic feet per minute, voltage, run time, and weight statistics before purchasing.


Here are a few of the best leaf blowers on the market today:


The EGO Power+ Cordless Electric Blower is currently available on Amazon for a little more than $200. This rechargeable blower includes turbine fan engineering, a high-efficiency brushless motor, and a lightweight and compact design.


“I love this leaf blower,” said one buyer. “It is easy to use, light to handle, and the battery lasts long enough to get the job done before needing to be recharged.”


The GreenWorks Pro GBL80300 80V blower is about $250 on Amazon and has an impressive 70-minute run time. The blower is quiet and has a mph speed of 125, making it easy to blow through wet or dry leaves.


“This is my first battery operated leaf blower. I only tried it because I was fed-up with gasoline and the associated negatives,” said one customer. “Previously I had always felt that a battery powered leaf blower probably wouldn’t meet the challenge. This one both met and exceeded my expectations.”


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